Nearly 100 people participated on the open day in the Centre

The open day, we organised to the Viper Centre on 28th May was completed with unexpected interest. Despite the cloudy weather nearly 100 people was curious about these rare poisonous snakes. Among the “laymans”, biologists and professors came to Kunpeszér too, and not only from the near towns but from many other regions of the country. The trip was started at 10:00 am from the centre of Kunpeszér. Erzsébet Herbót, the education officer of the Viper Program guided the participants all over the nature trail, which shows the characteristic landscape of the Kiskunság, and she presented in half hour the 8 years old conservation program. The most interesting part of the 2,5 hours long trip, was the watching of the open air terrariums, where 500 Hungarian meadow vipers live at the moment in safe. The visitors could have information on viper nursing technology, the repatriation of the snakes, and the long-term marks of the program. The Viper Center can be visited individually. Registration: Erzsébet Herbót; ; (0036)20-314-3192 Gábor Tirpák’s and Erzsébet Herbót’s photos  can be seen here >> We thank everybody the participation!


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