Participation on the 3rd Herpetological Meeting

Bálint Halpern and Tamás Péchy represented our program on the 3rd Herpetological Meeting, held on the 27th March in the Hungarian Natural History Museum. Altogether 25 oral and 7 poster presentation could be seen on the event, organised by Hungarian Natural History Museum, Animal Taxonomy Group of Hungarian Biological Society and Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Group of MME BirdLife Hungary. The opening presentation was held by Sylvain Ursenbacher (Basel-i Egyetem) about how climate changes affected the formation of European viper species.

In his talk Tamás Péchy presented recent developments of the conservation program like monitoring-results of released vipers and latest news on testing radio-telemetry devices in order to track reintroduced vipers. Bálint Halpern introduced first year’s results of National Amphibian and Reptile Mapping program, in which website we already received more than 4200 data points, 450 with attached picture.

A more detailed description of the event by Greenfo – in Hungarian (by Bálint Bajomi).

Abstracts of publications can be downloaded from here (in Hungarian) >>



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