Return to the wild – reintroduction of more than 200 Hungarian meadow vipers

Over the summer, more than 200 Hungarian meadow vipers were released into five habitats in two national parks. The Hungarian Meadow Viper Centre is a key part of the conservation programme, as those snakes that are born and raised in the Centre play a key role in boosting and strengthening the natural populations after reintroduction, preserving genetic diversity, and guaranteeing long-term survival of this unique snake.

Year-end census at the Viper Centre

As winter approaches, the snakes retrieve to their artificial burrows to spend the next few months hibernated underground in the Centre’s outdoor terrariums.

Record numbers in breeding at the Viper Center

By the end of this spring we finished the rebuilding of outdoor terraria in the Hungarian Meadow Viper Conservation Center, and thanks to the doubled “capacity”, we were able to arrange even more breeding pairs.

Hungarian Meadow Viper Day

First Saturday of September is the Hungarian Meadow Viper Day. As always. After two years break this traditional event was organized again.