Events in spring

With the arrival of spring, we took part in several events promoting the project and Hungary’s herpetofauna.

First meadow viper of the year

Although February is officially winter, as a result of today’s warm, springlike weather this year’s first viper came out from its burrow on one of the sites in Hanság.

Vipers in winter

Vipers living in the Center currently spend winter hibernated in artificial burrows.

Project Opening Workshop

On the 15th and 16th of October, 2021 the Opening Workshop of the ongoing LIFE project was held with more than 60 participants, although due to the global pandemic it occurred one and a half year later than it was planned.

World Animal Day

On World Animal Day we presented our species conservation program in several locations: in Budapest Zoo and in Szeged Game Park. At Budapest Zoo with the help of puzzles, quizzes and our mobile exhibition those interested could get a closer look not only the Hungarian meadow viper, but also the amphibian and reptile species of Hungary.

Meeting with our volunteers

On the last weekend of September, we organized a meeting for our volunteers working on the project. The two-day event was hosted by the Kunszentmiklós-Kunbábony Civil College, where our volunteers could learn about the history of the project, the results of the current LIFE project, as well as future plans, project participation opportunities, and insights into database operation in which we also receive a lot of voluntary help.

Summer’s success – 281 newborn vipers in 2021

With the arrival of September, a busy period came to an end at the Center since the first member of this year’s Hungarian meadow viper offspring was born at the end of July followed by hundreds of snakes in August.

Reintroducing vipers into the wild in Fertő-Hanság National Park sites

At the beginning of September, four adult Hungarian meadow vipers were released into their natural habitat in the Fertő-Hanság National Park. As a result of professional and species-specific site management the two specially protected grasslands are considered as proven habitats of vipers for years. These sites are ideal habitats for the animals, where they can find both food, basking area, hiding place and hibernation sites.

1st Hungarian Meadow Viper Drawing Competition

In October 2020, the Kiskunság National Park Directorate announced a drawing competition in schools located near Hungarian Meadow Viper habitats. Our goal was to reach as many children as possible to become familiar with the highly protected reptile species of our country through the drawing competition. The competition received 40 works from six schools. It was hard task for the jury to evaluate the many beautiful and creative entries.

New roof over our four-legged staff’s head

It is essential to create and ensure proper living conditions for the grazing livestock on a future habitat of Hungarian meadow vipers near Dabas. On this site, a herd of Hungarian Simmental Cattle and Hungarian Water Buffalo guarantees the ideal structurally diverse cover of grass. As the first step of reconstruction, the roof of the stable building managed by the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate was renovated.