Wetland restoration of Hungarian meadow viper habitats in Kiskunság


Within the frames of the project entitled „Viability improvement of Hungarian meadow viper populations and habitats in the Pannonian region” (LIFE18 NAT/HU/000799) reconstruction of the wet meadows and wetlands has been started during the fall at the largest viper habitat.

The deepest and the wettest spots of the meadows become overgrown by Grey willow during the last decades due to groundwater depletion partly caused by improper water governance, aridification/climate change, and less intensive livestock grazing. The reconstructed habitats characterized by temporary excess water will provide the humid microclimate needed for vipers’ skin shedding during drought summers, furthermore provide habitat and breeding sites for amphibians and several other wetland-dependent species.

The Kiskunság National Park Directorate aims to enhance the conservation status of Hungarian meadow viper locally by neutralizing the most important threats and negative effects, in this particular case, drought, and groundwater depletion.

Beszámoló: Dr. Vadász Csaba, Schneider Viktor

Fotó: Schneider Viktor