New roof over our four-legged staff’s head


It is essential to create and ensure proper living conditions for the grazing livestock on a future habitat of Hungarian meadow vipers near Dabas. On this site, a herd of Hungarian Simmental Cattle and Hungarian Water Buffalo guarantees the ideal structurally diverse cover of grass. As the first step of reconstruction, the roof of the stable building managed by the Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate was renovated.

Grazing has been taking place in the area since 2016, which has a positive effect on the surrounding grasslands. By grazing, cattle and buffaloes not only maintain the proper structure of the grasslands but also help to create green corridors connecting habitats by grazing small shrubs and eliminate the invasive goldenrod.

With grazing our aim is to create a suitable reintroduction site and habitat for Hungarian meadow vipers.