1st Hungarian Meadow Viper Drawing Competition


In October 2020, the Kiskunság National Park Directorate announced a drawing competition in schools located near Hungarian Meadow Viper habitats. Our goal was to reach as many children as possible to become familiar with the highly protected reptile species of our country through the drawing competition. The competition received 40 works from six schools. It was hard task for the jury to evaluate the many beautiful and creative entries.

Primary school (lower school):

1st place: Kálmán Lakatos (Petőfi Sándor Primary School, Szabadszállás)

2nd place: Emma Süveges (Petőfi Sándor Primary School, Szabadszállás)

3rd place: Máté Solymosi (Kunpeszér Primary School, Kunpeszér)

Special award: István Gyula Balla (Varga Domokos Elementary School and Art School, Kunszentmiklós)

Primary school (upper school):

1st place: Péter Sipos (Baksay Sándor Reformed Grammar School and Primary School, Kunszentmiklós)

2nd place: Maja Malata (Tatárszentgyörgyi II. Ferenc Rákóczi Primary School, Tatárszentgyörgy)

3rd place: Gergely Mayer (St. Margaret Catholic Primary School, Kunadacs)

Special prize: Boglárka Kovács (Petőfi Sándor Primary School, Szabadszállás)

Due to the pandemic regulations, there was no possibility of a personal award ceremony, but in the near future we will pass the awards to all awardees and participants.

We thank everyone for their creative artworks and congratulate to all the winners and teachers!