Hungarian Meadow Viper Day


The aim of this event is to take people closer to this spectacular species, make them understand the importance of our conservation work and draw attention to nature and biodiversity in general. For this reason the Hungarian Meadow Viper Centre’s doors were open to anyone who was interested and we were also present in several zoos of Hungary. In the Centre, the head of the LIFE project, Bálint Halpern, show our guests around and talked about the species, the history of conservation work, breeding and reintroduction. Those who visited the Centre could have a personal experience with a male Hungarian meadow viper, as well as more than 50 European pond turtles living in a small pond near the centre.

During the day, the staff and volunteers of the project welcomed the visitors in Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, Nyíregyházi Állatpark, Xantus János Zoo in Győr and Szeged Zoo.

At the end of the day, the two female vipers living in Szeged Zoo were measured in front of public.