Visit of LIFE-experts to the Hungarian meadow viper Conservation Centre


From all over Europe, LIFE program professionals gathered in Budapest to participate in the annual horizontal meeting of LIFE monitors, organised by Astrale GEIE. The main goal of the three-day conference was the consulations between LIFE monitors, LIFE communication team and European Commission executives, lead by Angelo Salsi, Life Nature – Head of Unit (DG ENV E3).

As part of their field-trip, participants first visited Budapest Zoo, beneficiary of several LIFE projects, where Miklós Persányi, director of the Zoo presented their achievements. Later they visited one of the most successful Hungarian conservation initiative, the Hungarian Meadow Viper Program at Kunpeszér, in the Upper-Kiskunság.

During the visit we showed them around in the Hungarian Meadow Viper Conservation Centre, presenting sites and methods of breeding and release, as well as our education facilities, including the nature trail. Regionally we also presented reconstructed grassland sites, achievements of our project and the former Great Bustard LIFE project.